Mother’s Day is Your Day

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Hey, you fabulous West Coast mamas out there! 💖 It’s that time of the year again—Mother’s Day! The day when families come together to celebrate the amazing women who make everything possible. But let’s be real for a second—does this day really feel like it’s all about you? Or does it feel like just another Sunday where you end up managing the chaos while everyone else chills?

Well, what if this year, we flip the script? 🌟 Instead of the typical Mother’s Day routine, we’re starting a new trend: May 12th as your personal day off. Yes, you heard right. This Mother’s Day, we’re all about giving moms the day off they truly deserve. No more boring brunches where you end up chasing toddlers between tables or trying to prevent a public meltdown over spilled orange juice.

Why Ditch the Traditional Mother's Day?

Picture this: It’s Mother’s Day, and there’s the usual plan—brunch at some trendy spot. The place is buzzing like a beehive, everyone’s got their Sunday best on, and guess who’s running interference with the kids? Yep, you got it—Mom. Meanwhile, Dad’s kicking back, enjoying his eggs Benny and a third cup of coffee. 🍳☕

Sounds familiar? It’s supposed to be your day, but somehow you’re doing more work than on a regular weekend. And let’s not even start on the cleanup after getting home. So this year, let’s take a rain check on the traditional and make Mother’s Day a true day off.

Things You Could Do On Your Me Day

Hang Out with Your Bestie

Remember her? Your partner-in-crime before life got all shades of crazy. Grab your bestie and spend some quality time together. Whether it’s laughing over old memories or making new ones, it’s the perfect way to unwind and reconnect. 👯‍♀️

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Visit a Winery or Brewery

Toast to yourself with a glass of wine at a local winery or beer at your favourite craft brewery. Take a tour, learn about the different brews and blends, or just relax and enjoy a tasting session. It’s your day—sip back and enjoy. 🍺🍷

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Go to the Lake or River

There’s nothing like the soothing sounds of water to wash away all that stress. Find a nice spot by a lake or river, kick off your shoes, and just enjoy the moment. Dip your toes in, let the cool water calm you, and breathe in the fresh air. It’s simple, it’s peaceful, and it’s a little slice of heaven. 🌊

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Take a Hike (Literally😁) 

Get out into nature and challenge yourself with a hike. It’s not just great exercise, it’s also a chance to clear your head and enjoy some stunning views. Plus, the silence of the woods? Golden. 🌲🥾

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Go to a Spa

Last, but certainly not least, pamper yourself at a spa. Get that massage you’ve been dreaming of, or treat yourself to a facial and feel your worries melt away. Today’s all about you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 🧖‍♀️💆‍♀️

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Making It Happen

So, how do you actually make this dream day a reality? Start by setting the expectation with your family. Let them know that this Mother’s Day, the best gift they can give you is time for yourself. Trust me, they’ll get the hint. And there’s nothing wrong with dad taking over for the day—actually, it’s perfect! He gets some quality time with the kiddos, and you get the break you deserve.

And don’t forget to ditch any guilt at the door. Taking a day for yourself doesn’t make you any less of an awesome mom. In fact, taking the time to recharge can make you even better. Remember, a happy mom makes for a happy home!

So, what do you say, ladies? Ready to take back Mother’s Day? Let’s make this May 12th a day to remember—for all the right reasons. After all, Mother’s Day is YOUR day. Make it one that truly celebrates you, in all your unwinding, relaxing, just-plain-enjoying-life glory! Cheers to you, mom! 🥂✨

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  • I love this. I think this Mothers Day I will grab coffee and go plant shopping with my bestie aka my Momma ❤️


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